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As a lifelong renter in Queens, this was my first home purchase experience and as you can imagine the task was daunting.  After an extensive search for a home on Long Island, I found a home In Fort Salonga that I really loved, but I didn't want to get my hopes up because I wasn't even sure if I could afford it. I now had to decide whether I wanted to go through my local bank, or work with a Mortgage broker. I did a little research online, and decided to make some calls to the bank and call a couple of local Mortgage brokers to see what my options were. And to my surprise, my bank didn't offer me the deals I had hoped for. All I really wanted was a reasonable rate, and not too much money down. I spoke to about 3 brokers and they all pretty much offered similar deals, until I called Mortgage Cube. Gabriel Ciccone answered my call and after talking to him for a few minutes, I felt like he was very knowledgeable about the business, he patiently talked me through the whole process and what to expect. He was very personable, and explained the pitfalls and the hidden costs that end up costing more money that most people don't expect or understand.  He said his goal was to get me LOW money down, a LOW rate, and told me that he could in fact get me some money back on the deal.  After talking to him extensively, revealing my financials, and discussing my concerns, he assured me he would manage the whole process, and I wouldn't need to worry about a thing.    I am so happy to say, that I closed on my home this past Wednesday August 7th, the process usually takes 90 days, I closed in 40 days, with a very LOW interest rate, ONLY 10% down and Seller paid ALL closing costs. True to his promise, he had gotten me money back by getting the seller to pay for the closing costs.. It was unbelievable!!!  I highly recommend Mortgage Cube, especially Gabriel Ciccone, for being extremely professional, for being incredibly patient and thorough, and for fulfilling his promises he certainly made the buying process so easy.. I will definitely use him again for future purchases...

Beverly Chapman

Ft. Salonga, NY 11768


At Mortgage Cube Consultants, we really mean that we can get the best deal for you.

These are quotes from some more of our clients:

Scala family, After working with Mortgage Cube, all the issues that were lingering from a previous refinance company were resolved and they gave us a sense of security.  We were able to be worry free for the first time in a long time.

Risola, Because of Mortgage Cube I went from renting to a first time home buyer. Through their guidance I went on to buy 2 more investment properties. They are rented, paying for themselves as well as turning a profit.

Kilgour, I purchased my first home with Mortgage Cube.  From there we were able to use some of the equity we gained to open a family business that it is now flourishing.  We've also been able remodel and rent an assy. apt. to help offset our expenses.



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